Vestry Road Spiritualist Church Make Friends with Heaven…  Based in Walthamstow East London A Fairy Closed until further notice Enter here He doesnt look very happy Inside ! Do you believe in faries The Lord Said you do the possible and we will do the impossible Secret Surprise  Do you believe in Fairies ???? Have you met any recently ???  Have you been haunted  By traffic wardens ? If Angels sit on clouds  What happens when it rains ? Where is last weeks Money ? Are you cold ? Do you keep paying Bills ? Have you got lots of inglish Parking tickets ? Does Rain mysteriously follow you about SNU SNU What do you call a cowboy  with no money ?   Answer ……. Skint Eastwood SPELLING COMPETITION  “ How many F`s in  the word Haddock ?” Prediction : you will go to Spain sit on the beach in Benidorm  have a wonderful time and you wont want to come back President Margaret Wilde

Vestry Rd Walthamstow London E17