Vestry Road Spiritualist Church Make Friends with Heaven…  Based in Walthamstow East London A Fairy Closed until further notice When she tells me what to write…. she was promoted last year and now she has her wings  A very nice Angel …xxxx All of Gods Children Receive all of my love all of the time Mary 9.8.14 Did you know there are some people who say you  Must not talk to the dead, well Good people go to Heaven …… where they are really alive why not say hello ? Take good care of your bones they are  The only ones your mum gave you When your sad and lonely  One friend is the whole world Mary 29.5.2015

Just gimme the Money

A House it costs thousands - you can spend 25 years getting that

Ive worked all my life … when I think back what life ?

Gold and diamonds … cost a fortune

People go mad over money  

At it night and day

It never stops

They are even making it, counting it or dreaming about it,

When they havent got any their miserable

When they got to much - their just as bad

Get this, get that, keep it for 2 years get fed up and throw it away

What next … more money

You cant even die without it,  funerals cost a fortune

Everyones at it, all the time  

Well if your talking about a beam of light and Spiritual Rays that only comes from Heaven

With Love ………………….….for you

Mary 5.8.2017