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Can it do any harm?

Healing has a distinct advantage over some drugs; it is not addictive and there are no harmful side effects. Healing is gentle and natural.

Can I do anything towards helping the healer?

Yes - It is essential to relax completely, and this will assist the reception of the healing power. Putting up a barrier in your mind blocks the flow of healing energies. Try to be positive about your condition, not resentful. Tell yourself that you are looking forward to enjoying good health.

What about my doctor?

By receiving both medical treatment and spiritual healing you will receive the best treatment from both worlds. Spiritual healing is not a substitute or an alternative, but complementary to other forms of treatment. The ultimate aim for every healer and the healing movement is to work in co-operation with the medical profession, and the General Medical Council allows doctors to recommend spiritual healing to their patients. Spiritual healing is beneficial to patients recovering from either serious illness or surgery and the effects of treatment such as chemotherapy and radiation.

How can I help myself?

Once you have learnt to live harmoniously with yourself and others without generating emotions of fear, anger, selfishness etc., which throw the whole body into a state of discord mentally and physically, you are then receptive to receive Spiritual healing.

Designed by my Guide my friend from the Higher World Mary