Vestry Road Spiritualist Church Make Friends with Heaven…  Based in Walthamstow East London A Fairy Closed until further notice

If you are a Ghost !

BUS 20, 34, 48, 69, 97, 212, 215, 230, 257, 275, 375,  W11, W12, W15, W19

Train Station Walthamstow Central Tube and Overground

10 minutes Walk  From Wood St British Rail     

By Helicopter  - Land in Vestry Rd

By Boat or Sea - River Lea - Land in Hackney

By Airplane  - Standsted Airport - 30 miles away  

By Horse - Gidyup

By Car - if you can find anywhere to park

Travel Information line  -

Run By TFL  0207 222 1234

Web based journey planner and travel information  for buses

President: Margaret Wilde Call  0208 520 6226 If you can contribute please contact us
A very good way of contacting our church is to go and see our weekly services !!! Vestry Road SNU Church Vestry Rd Walthamstow  London E17 9NH Come to the Wednesday Service and see if you can talk to a medium We Predict : RAIN RAIN RAIN RAIN AND MORE RAIN