Vestry Road Spiritualist Church Make Friends with Heaven…  Based in Walthamstow East London Vestry Rd Spiritualist Church, Vestry Rd, Walthamstow, London, E17 9NH This Website is not official and is run by volunteers The Church does`nt belong to us  please dont send any bills Designed with help from Mary Spirit Guide  xx Mail: Call  07368 652 947 Dagenham 10 minutes walk from the tube  Every Wednesday. @ 7.30 A map is on the website - Even Parking at the Church Centre Many things happening - Very Busy ! Manor Park SNU  East London The Oaks Spiritual Centre  Hornchurch Close to Romford,  Services 7.30 Every Friday Beacon of Light  Enfield W8 V2 17.5.24
Good news you can now get absent healing  This is where the  healers are now absent And Healing Waves  can appear from any  direction have you seen any ?  Did you know old churches that have passed  over are now being re-incarnated ! These Pictures From  Years  And  Years  Ago Do You Believe  in  Fairies ? Have you  Seen any  Recently ? Why not Visit ….. PLEASE  REMEMBER Walthamstow  SNU Facebook Visit the Past  For Proof of Survival Vestry Rd    Facebook Enquiries Please note the old number 0208 503 6942 has passed over Meanwhile Other Churches And Spiritual Centres Nearby …… Rain Rain Again Rain Rain Again Ilford Spiritualist Church SNU  Thursday Afternoon

Please note. From June we will be having

4 services a month.

1st & 2nd Tuesdays at 1pm  Of the month

And the last 2 Wednesdays of the month at 7.30.